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Dear Colleagues,

Congratualtions on your paper at IEEE SCC 2012!

The committee is now working on the formal email for your accepted paper. You should receive the email soon.

This year we will have two types of paper sessions. Some papers will go to the paper presentation sessions of „Industry and Application“ and some will go to „Experience and Applicaiton“ in according to the content of your paper. You will know it when you receive the email. Both of them are under the same rules as „Research Track“ (8 pages, 2 extra pages allowed).

In the meanwhile, could you please follow the instructions and upload your camera ready version to the IEEE FTP site by May 10, 2012 (the official deadline is May 6, 2012 shown on the web site):
Please also register your paper at by May 10, 2012.

Many thanks for your contribution and support to IEEE SCC 2012!

I look forward to see you at Honolulu! Have a great weekend!


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  1. Nina

    Wer hat diesen Satz nicht selbst schon tausendmal gehört: I look forward to see you at Honolulu! ?!?!

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