Amarok Last Played is a WordPress plugin that can be used in combination with the Amarok music player to show the songs you last played. To use this plugin, you additionally need to download the mp3urlnotify script for Amarok.

At the time of writing, the number of songs remembered by the script is fixed but can be edited in one of the script’s files.

For displaying, the plugin has no design set, so it uses the design rules from your theme.


The plugins content in the sidebar with a defaul theme looks like this; I added the border so that you can see the dimensions:

Amarok Last Played Screenshot


WordPress Versions:
2.2 and up
In theory, it should work with any WordPress, though I haven’t tested anything below 2.2.
Drop me a line if you notice that the script works (or does not work) with your version.


  • Download the atest release and upload the file contents to your plugins-directory (WORDPRESS_DIR/wp-content/plugins). This creates a folder called amarok_last_played in your plugin directory.
  • In the admin panel, install the plugin on the plugin admin page.

To activate the plugin, you can

  • either use the Widget editor if your theme supports widgets or
  • or insert the following code into your sidebar.php file (use the theme editor):

    <? amarok_last_played(); ?>

  • Now you just need to install mp3urlnotify and configure it to push new song titles to your waiting script.

  • Download the mp3urlnotify script and install it into Amarok, then start it.
  • Configure the script. It only takes one parameter, that is the URL of the file amarok.php, which resides in the amarok_last_played directory inside your plugin directory.
    For my website, where WordPress is installed in the directory /blog, the URL I need to set looks like this (of course without the line break):


That’s it, you’re all done can show off which cool songs you played recently.


At the moment the plugin is not localized, but a localization is planned in a further version.


Latest release: Amarok Last Played v1.0


2007-07-15 Inital public release