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My first WSRFLite service

My first WSRFLite service is a tutorial on how to develop your first web service with WSRFLite, the lightweight WSRF toolkit included with UNICORE. From the abstract:

WSRFLite is a lightweight hosting environment for services using the Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF). Development is, in general, straightforward and simple, but the documentation supplied with WSRFLite is, at best, sketchy. It is sometimes outdated, sometimes just incomplete and sometimes nonexistent – a fate that most documentations share. This article tries to give a simple and direct introduction on how to obtain WSRFLite, install it, configure it, build and deploy a first service and, finally, access it with a client. The scope of this article is narrowed down to the points mentioned above and, therefore, no introduction to WSRF or web services in general is given.

You can download/access a HTML file containing the tutorial.

  1. Ein ausgezeichneter Post. Würde gerne mehr davon lesen. Hast du noch andere Beiträge?

  2. Hi, ich habe ein an das Globus Toolkit 4 Programmer’s Tutorial angelehntes Buch erstellt, das kannst du hier lesen. Hoffe das hilft dir!

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