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SPGM Latest Galleries


This plugin shows the latest galleries from your SPGM Gallery.

You may choose how many galleries you want to display. Each entry is linked to the gallery itself.

For displaying, the plugin has no design set, so it uses the design rules from your theme.


WordPress Versions:
2.0.5 and up
In theory, it should work with any WordPress, though I haven’t tested anything below 2.0.5.
Drop me a line if you notice that the script works (or does not work) with your version.


There are two options: with a Widget-compatible plugin you can add the plugin using the Widget editor; otherwise, you have to add the plugin manually to your sidebar. Use the following steps if you need to do a manual installation:

  • Download the latest release and upload the file contents to your plugins-directory (WORDPRESS_DIR/wp-content/plugins). You do not need to upload the .pot-File; this is a template file you can use for localizing the plugin into your language.
  • In the admin panel, install the plugin on the plugin admin page.
  • Insert the following code into your sidebar.php file (use the theme editor):

    <? spgm_latest_galleries(); ?>


The plugin is in english, with a german (de_DE) localization included. You can use the included .pot file to translate the plugin to your language. If you add a localization, please send me the corresponding .mo file.


Latest version: SPGM Latest Galleries v1.3

I also built a standalone version. It is not localized and only available in v1.2, but it can be used without WordPress; a demo PHP file which demonstrates how to use the plugin is included. You can download it here.


2007-09-14 Finally, a long overdue update. There was an annoying error, which gave broken links when the user clicked a link while browsing a category or an archive page – basically, anything beyond the start page. Additionally, it can be chosen via the options menu if galleries should be opened in new frames. Definitely update to this version if you still have a previous one running.

On a side not, if you want to keep your wp_options table clean, you can delete the options spgm_latest_num_galleries and spgm_latest_gallery_path because the names have changed.
(Download .zip, download .tar.gz)

2007-01-06 Installation via Sidebar Widget is now also possible. Normal installation via sidebar.php remains possible, too. (Download)

2007-01-03 Fixed issue with path construction (Download)

2006-12-16 Inital public release

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